Sofia’s Home


Fancy a beautiful world, hidden somewhere beyond imagination. A world which a human eye could barely perceive, for it needs fantasy and childish joy to immerse within it. A world of peace and cheerfulness, a world where childish dreams come true, where horses can fly high in the deep blue sky, and animals leave their cosy houses to join you at a tea party. Somewhere at the edge between maturity and childhood, such world exists, and if you really-really want to find it, you will find it eventually. Believe it or not, this world and all its inhabitants are waiting for you to become their friend. If you agree, then close your eyes and pay this world a visit in order to live the most joyous and memorable adventure of your life.

The kingdom that awaits for you to step within its realms is an enchanted one. Once you surf the world of Sofia and its friends, you will discover its marvels, so you won`t even be bewildered when you find out that the name of the kingdom is Enchancia. And how could it bear a different name, when the birds fly out of their nests in order to delight you with an unforgettable song – Enchancia Anthem. What you will discover further is that all the inhabitants respect the Anthem and you may be surprised of how straight and proud, let`s say, a Robin, could stand and listen to the merry tune of the Anthem.

It may seem a familiar world to those of you who are acquainted with the world of Sofia the First. The adventure that has been shown on TV since November 2012, starts in the Village of Enchancia. A merry and cosy place to live for a little seven-year-old girl Sofia. But when her mother marries King Roland II, who is the proud ruler King of Enchancia, Sofia moves out into a big castle. And here the beauties are endless. Imagine the castle of your dreams, covered in white and blue, as to resemble the sky itself. Within this castle little Sofia has to spend her days trying to figure out what it takes to be a real princess. It is a castle worth exploring and playing Sofia the First games will aloud you to visit and even to decorate many of the castle`s rooms!

But the true marvel of Enchancia is not the castle, but its visitors and inhabitants. You will have to receive guests from… the forest! But they are not usual guests. Due to the magical powers of the Amulet of Avalor that Sofia wears on her neck, she is granted the ability to speak to the animals. Now you understand why you have to prepare a fine dinner for them! Beside the guests, there are inhabitants of the castle, such as: Prince James, Princess Amber, Queen Miranda and more! All these characters have some kind of a funny task for little Sofia and if you really want to play as a princess, you will have to help your new acquaintances and friends.

Immerse yourself within this breathing world of Sofia the First and reveal what it is like to be a princess. Dive into her day-to-day life playing a bunch of different interesting games, and reveal the childish joy of watching a horse fly, or driving a flying carpet! Give a chance to your inner child and know the beautiful world of Enchancia.